Wednesday, May 30, 2007

music and lyrics

not quite sure why i have not updated this thing in FOREVER, but i am back... i watch movies CONSTANTLY!!! i recently switched from netflix to blockbuster online which makes the movies come in super quickly...i am at the point where i just pick up random flicks just bc there is nothing else...hahaha..
anyway...on to the movie...
LOVED IT!!! as we all know i am a sucker for romantic comedy...PLUS it was ALL about the 80' can i i will say at points, it was a TAD slow...but overall, great music, and great performances...super cute and a GREAT date flick for those low key nights...its good too bc you can talk throughout the movie and not get totally lost!!! perfect for some good old QT!!!
i am a fan and recommend it to ALL!!! and sure as heck know i will be adding it to my collection!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

V for Vendetta

so.. i FINALLY saw a movie in the theatre that i thought was worth the my opinion this movie was awesome... it was gory but not in that "eww gross way" had an art and a point to it... i saw this in an imax theatre and i would recomend it... this definately gets two thumbs up for me... i am not sure if it is still in theatres, but if it is, it is definately worth it!

Friday, March 17, 2006


so i rented jarhead... i had wanted to see this when in the theatres, but never made it.. so last night i rented it(after 2 tries and it not being in).. and had a successful viewing... now i am usually not a fan of war movies... and i wasnt sure if this was going to be a typical war movie or not... but it wasnt.. and bc of that, i felt that it was very had suspense and a lil bit of had eye candy(if only all men were cut like that).... overall a good was filmed well... considering it was in a desert esque environment they did alot with it... i would recomend this movie.. that is unless u want an all out war film...

Monday, January 30, 2006


this movie just came to dvd this past tuesday... i wanted to see it in the theatres, but never got around to it...and now that i saw it, i am a little disapointed that i didnt see it on the big screen....i thought it was very good.. and was crazy as to how big the plane actually was... the movie could be a little predictable to some.. or if you just enjoy moives, it unfolds at the right time and figure it out as it is shown to u... i recommend this movie.. and was quite satisfied myself..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Finding Neverland

now this is one that i have wanted to see for awhile.. the preview is on one of the movies that i own.. and everytime i watch that movie, i would be like oh.. i need to rent that.. but when in the store.. i forget all about it.. so this time my trip to the movie store was based around the purchase of this one.. i never read the back of the box and i have only seen that one preview... but i am a fan of Johnny Depp .... so... with that said.. i was impressed.. it was a little bit slow moving for some maybe, but i enjoyed it... the magical moments that are in this movie seem to overpass it all for me... i would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys fantasy and wants an optimistic view... this is another i would like to add to my collection..

Raise Your Voice

now this is a movie that i have picked up the box for EVERY time i have been in the movie store.. and debated getting.. numerous times, i put it down and just kept walking.. i finally picked it up and watched keep in mind with this, that i am the queen of cheez... i will approve of almost any teeny bopper movie(even if it doesn't make it to the big screen)... but this was not 100% what i was expecting... and i thought it was super cute.. it had more of a storyline to it then i was expecting.. and overall, i was impressed... i am thinking of purchasing for my own collection..

Transporter 2

i was very excited about renting this movie.. i never saw the first one but the previews looked really good.. and when reading the backof the box, it didnt seem like it would be necesarry to have seen the first before embarking upon ... so i bit.. and was disapointed... i am picky with action.. i dont like it all.. and when it is too unrealisitc, i am not about it.. there were some scenes that i was like "cmon now"... and take them away.. not bad.. but with them, it made the thrill of the chase just slip away for me... so.. if u are a fan of it being somewhat reasonable, then this isnt for u.. but if u dont care... and u just want action... go ahead...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Into the Blue

i rented this movie a few weeks ago and i just kept forgetting to write about it... i thought it was finely made... the action was pretty much nonstop from the start of the movie... it just got u sucked in right away... the water scenes were absolutely beautiful... it had everything you would want in a movie... action...death... a good love story... and of course a _______ ending.... enjoy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


i was so disapointed in this movie...let me start by saying that if you want a horror this is NOT the place to go.. the first half of the movie was naked girls.. now i dont care about nudity but when going to see blood and be scared... boobs are a bit on the disappointing side... and to top it off when the gore did happen it was not scary.. it was definately a lil grotesque, but you were not on the edge of your seat scared at all.. i have decided that i NEED to do a little bit more research before i go and view a movie in the theatre with the prices they cost these days.. i dont even think this one is worth a rental fee.. if you want to view it, i say wait til it comes to cable.. it was THAT bad.... i would give this movie as many thumbs DOWN as i can technically give and times it by infinity.. this movie was a definate bust in my book.. sorry.. but DO NOT GO SEE!!!!